Conference Scope


Power and Green Energy System
  • Power and Green Energy Systems
  • Integration of Renewable Energy Resources
  • Smart Technologies in Different Energy Systems
  • Microgrids, Smart Grids and Advanced Metering Infrastructures
  • Transmission System Technologies, HVDC and FACTS
  • Distribution System and Substation Automation
  • Power Electronics, Energy Storage System

Electronics, Materials Science, VLSI and Real Time Systems
  • Circuits, Devices and Systems
  • Remote Sensing and Sensor Design
  • Biomedical Device and Instrumentations
  • Advanced Microcontrollers and Embedded Systems Design
  • Robotics and Mechatronics
  • Control System and Industrial Automation
  • Materials Science and Nanotechnology
  • NANO Electronics, MEMS
  • Semiconductor and Advanced Material
  • VLSI/ ULSI Design and Fabrication

Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Computing
  • Algorithms, Evolutionary Algorithm
  • Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Intelligence
  • Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems
  • Generative AI, Explainable AI
  • Deep Learning, Federated Learning, Optimization

Data Science and Big Data Analytics
  • Knowledge Representation, NLP, Mathematics and Graph Theory in Data Science
  • Database, Information Systems, Data Mining, Data Warehousing
  • Big Data Intelligence, Big Data Mining Trends, Opportunities, Risks, and Applications

IOT and Signal Processing
  • IoT, IoT and BlockChain
  • Cloud computing and IoT
  • IoT System development and applications
  • Computer Vision, HCI; Signal, Image, Audio & Video Processing
  • Computer Graphics, Multimedia Systems

Communication and Computer Networks
  • 5G/6G Networks & Wireless Technologies
  • Computer Networks, & Optical Networks & Systems
  • Communication & Information security Systems, & Sustainable Communication Systems
  • M2M, Drones, UAV, V2X & Hybrid Communication
  • Underwater, Satellite & Space Communications
  • Millimeter-Wave and Terahertz application
  • Cognitive Radio, Integrated Sensing and Networking
  • Microwave, Antenna and RF Engineering
  • Edge Computing, Edge Intelligence and Fog Networks


Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Structure, materials and construction Engineering
  • Soil-structure interaction and Ground improvement techniques
  • Seismic design and retrofitting; Earthquake-resistant structures
  • Sustainable and Intelligent transportation systems; Environment, Waste management and impact assessment
  • Construction safety and rise management
  • IT in Structural Health Monitoring
  • Impact of Climate Change and Thermal Stresses

Pharmacy and Biological Science
  • Pharmacognosy, Phytochemistry
  • Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmacology
  • Pharmaceutical Microbiology & Immunology
  • Bioinformatics, Biotechnology & Molecular Biology; Pharmaceutical Technology