The ICISET 2022 invites state-of-the-art research papers in, but not limited to, the following areas of interest:


  • Intelligent Computing, Signal and Multimedia Processing Track
    Algorithms & Information Systems
    Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & IoT
    Computer Vision, Robotics & Human-Computer Interaction
    Computer Graphics & Multimedia Systems
    Signal, Image, Audio & Video Processing
  • Data Science and Software Engineering / Software and Data Engineering TrackNLP, Fuzzy, Neural Networks & Computational Intelligence
    Distributed, Mobile & Cloud Computing
    Database, Data Mining & Big Data
    Engineering Ethics, E-Commerce & E-Governance 
  • Power and Energy Systems TrackTransmission System Technologies, HVDC and FACTS
    Distribution System and Substation Automation
    Integration of Renewable Energy Resources, and Microgrids
    Smart Grids and Advanced Metering Infrastructures
    Smart Technologies in Different Energy Systems
  • Electronics, VLSI, Embedded Systems and Materials Science TrackElectronic Components, Circuits, Devices and Systems
    Remote Sensing and Sensor Design
    Advanced Microcontrollers and Embedded Systems Design
    Robotics, Instrumentation and Industrial Automation
    Materials Science and Nanotechnology
    VLSI Design and Fabrication
  • Communication and Computer Networks Track5G/6G Networks and Wireless Technologies
    Computer Networks, and Optical Networks and Systems
    Communication and Information Systems Security, and Sustainable Communication Systems
    Smart Grids, M2M, Drones, UAV, V2X and Hybrid Communication
    Antenna and Wave Propagation
    Powerline, Underwater, Satellite and Space Communications
  • Pharmacy and Biological Science TrackPharmacognosy, Phytochemistry, Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmacology
    Pharmaceutical Microbiology & Immunology
    Bioinformatics, Biotechnology & Molecular Biology
    Pharmaceutical Technology & Nanotechnology
  • Environmental Science TrackIT in Structural Health Monitoring and Environmental Science & Engineering
    Environmental Hydraulics, Impact of Climate Change and Thermal Stresses